Victorita Pescarita

A unique concept in romania

30 Years

A family business where we kept our parent's thoughts, in which we added passion & knowledge since 1991.

Fish & Seafood Restaurant

Cherhanaua Victorita Pescarita is a restaurant that offers the biggest diversity of fish & seafood in Romania, we have a menu with more than 100 products. Enjoy the taste of the waters, seas & the oceans at Victorita Pescarita.

Fish Store

We invite you to pick from a big variery of fresh fish that will remind you of the sea waves.


Because we are big fans of cooking in the fresh air, we are waiting for you at the Victorita Pescarita terrace, located in an extraordinary natural setting inside the ASAS Agronomie, 61 Bulevard Marasti.

romanian traditional products

Because we don’t want to lose our traditions, we present to you our traditional products 100% natural, traditionally attested, after Victorita’s recipes.

Food Truck

The street food event is our strength, that’s where we get closer to you so you can enjoy our special products.

Eat healthy and tasty with Victorita Pescarita!

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Victorita Pescarita

Andronache street, no 17,
Bucharest, Romania

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With the risk of being craved for our preparations.