Traditional Products

Victorita Pescarita offers a nice variety of fish products, naturally made 100%, prepared according to traditional recipes.



Product traditionally certified by the Ministry of Agriculture

Traditional zacusca, prepared according to Victorita’s recipe from fresh vegetables from the garden, complete with lots of fish meat, boiled with herbs and spices and then put in the oven.

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Product traditionally certified by the Ministry of Agriculture

Traditionally prepared carp roe salad, following the 100% natural Victorita’s recipe. We use nothing else than this salted carp roe, sunflower oil and lemon and turn them into a fluffy and tasty roe salad. Put some onion which was cut in small bits, toast some bread and the goodness is ready to be spread on the bread!

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Product traditionally certified by the Ministry of Agriculture

Pike roe salad, Romanian trational dish, prepared from salted pike roe, mixed well with sunflower oil, sprinkled with clear lemon juice, sprinkled with finely chopped onion and transformed into a fluffy and tasty salad that is finger lickin’ good. 

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Product traditionally certified by the Ministry of Agriculture

Traditional Romanian product made after the recipe of Victorita Pescarita and also 100% natural.Prepared from scrumbie cuttlets, fillets or rolls marinated with vinegar, bay leaves,black pepper seeds, salt, sugar and carrots.Can be served as salad with onion, few sliced carrots , sunflower oil and parsley. 

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The sardin from the fresh Black Sea, is gutted and headed, marinated in vinegar solution with bay leaves, pepper and mustard seeds and left to rest in these ingredients. Then we serve it with red onion, parsley and sunflower oil, on fried bread, a Romanian delicacy.

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Smoked sturgeon is a special product, made from a noble fish, of a higher quality. The taste is special, a fine one, accentuated by the marinade in brandy, with herbs, honey and spice and perfected by the smoke of beech wood used for smoking. and the sweet taste of the fruits with which it is combined. We recommend consuming it with lemon, fried bread, fine oil and cheese cream.

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 For lovers of smoked fish, the smoked white tuna is one of the finest preparations of fish. Slices of white tuna, smoked with aromatic wood  become a delicious and tasty delicacy for any gourmet.Recommended to be served as thin slices, on toast and seasoned with a little lemon.

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Smoked mackerel is a very tasty food, which can be eaten as such or in multiple combinations for any taste buds. The smoked mackerel from Victorita Pescarita is very good in salads with onions and olives.

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The trout from the clear mountain water, gutted , leave it in the brine overnight, during which time it penetrates with salt as needed for a balanced and refined taste.To fully experience the aromas and elegance of this preparation I recommend you to taste it on fresh bread, butter and a little lemon. It can be found in the form of whole smoked trout or smoked trout fillets.

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Salted carp, pike and herring roe

The salted carp, pike or herring roe can be eaten as such on fried bread, or they can be prepared as a roe salad made with onion.